One of my best Accomplishments

Completing my book was of my greatest accomplishments, but getting it out isn’t going to well.  I have been going online trying to read about self publishing and traditional publishing.  I have a new friend Michala Tyann and she has been absolutely wonderful giving me tips and other information.  Although she has been very instrumental in my quest to get my book published, I don’t want to overwhelm her with my questions and concerns.  So my question to everyone is how hard is it to learn to edit your own material; because the more I read about getting my manuscript out the more unsure of this I become.  My last question is how will you know if a publishing house is a small one or a well established one?  Writing for me is therapeutic and my other thought was to just keep writing and just collect them and perhaps someday when I’m old and pass away my children will find them and perhaps get them published or just keep them as a part of me that they can have.  My mind is flowing with too many thoughts I’m getting dizzy…time to stop thinking and play some games on my phone before I try to drift off into a deep slumber hoping my mind will shut down for a while.


Creative Thoughts

Ok so this is my first time blogging as I said, but I just want to get this book published…I’m just anxious I know.