How do we know if we have a secure relationship with God?  Should we feel his holy spirit with us each day?  I often wonder if I have a relationship with God and how strong is that relationship.  I want to have a relationship with God, but a lot of times I don’t feel his presence around me.  I ask the question what must I do to be saved?  I know I have to spend time with him, study the word, and ask him to save me, but there must be more? Somehow I have to find out what it is that will help me get closer to God.  I feel like my life isn’t what it should be, but then again what is my life supposed to be?  Trying to find out what your life’s purpose is, is a journey that can last a long time.  I want to start a prayer journal and use that to start a new journey to finding myself and my relationship with God.


2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. tyygerspirit28 says:

    You ask a great question. What does it mean to have a secure relationship with God? I believe it is knowing that we can pray or just talk to him at any time and know that he is listening. Even though he may not answer us right away, it doesn’t mean he isn’t listening. Also to be comforted knowing that he is there. I think we get discouraged when there is no tangible feeling or thing that shows us God is there. But in waking us up this morning…. He is there. Breathing, living, working, having family and friends… means he is there. I know I’ve expected too much when it comes to my relationship with God. I expected to see signs, or see furniture move even. But one thing I have learned is that God does not just pop up and tap us on the shoulder. We have to be content with just knowing he is there. Although he may come to us in an overwhelming feeling to do something. If someone comes to your mind and they stay there, I believe that’s God telling you to check on them or just say hello to them. If there is something you want, but you don’t have the money to purchase it at the time…. that to me is God telling me I don’t need it. For example when I went to the Converse store and I was looking for a green pair…. They didn’t have any…but I kept looking for SOMETHING to buy but then I thought about it….. I don’t NEED these shoes, so why am I trying so hard to buy something. I know that was God’s way of telling me not to just waste money. Well I went into Nike and found another pair of shoes, cheaper than I would have bought from Converse. I know that’s a superficial way of looking at it, but honestly it can be that simple.
    I find joy first thing in the morning on my way to work…reflecting on all of the friends and family and good things that have happened in my life because I KNOW God is real!! I have come a long way since 2012. That in itself let’s me know I have a relationship with him. He just wants us to be real with him and have faith that he is there.

    I know this was a dissertation you didn’t ask for right?? LOL!!!!! 😉 ❤

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