I Thought It Would Be Easy

Let me say kudos to everyone that has written a book and published it.  Although I did some research on writing a novel, I didn’t really prepare myself enough on the rest of the process you know the editing, re-writes, self – publishing or going through a publishing company.   I so wrapped up in the writing part I didn’t really think beyond that until I had the pleasure of meeting (not actually face to face) but through text and email Michala and she has given me some excellent advice about different aspects of writing, editing,  and publishing.  I read a few of the blogs on here and some of them have some very interesting information on them.  I think if I did a few of the writing challenges it will help me a lot.  I have always thought about writing, but I didn’t think I could actually do.  I’m glad I gave myself a chance to try it out. I have a couple of stories already started and I’ll finish a second one and continue to learn as I go…hey I just might get good at this!!!


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